My soul was created long before my body was born
My name doesn't matter,but its gabby and i'm an old soul from massachusetts. i'm a lonely soul. my religion is transcendentalism. I consider myself indie of sorts. I'm the kind of person you would see at a tiny, unknown bookshop day after day with a laptop some tea and a pile of books. my soul is old so i don't fit in where i live, i don't have anyone i can really connect with.I am currently battling with depression,and social anxiety.I am also in a battle with self-harm.I am currently losing this battle but i am determined to come out on the other side.I hope to change the world one day, but i am not perfect so bear with me if i stumble on the way there but know I will never give up my fight to mean something to this world. I want to favorite past times are reading,writing,listening to music,drinking tea,painting,drawing and listening to thunderstorms. I aspire to be an anthropologist,who focuses on Pre-Columbian civilizations. I may be sixteen on the outside but on the inside I'm in my mid twenties. this causes many problems in my social life,or there lack of. My best friend is my cat,cocoa. He understands me better than any human could.He sits on my lap while I read and he sits at my feet as I write.I don't know what I would do if I lost him.He's everything to me.I have had a bad case of wanderlust since the day I was born. I was born early because I wanted to explore. I wish to travel to exotic lands.I aspire to travel to each and every country before I die. My dream college is George washington university in d.c.. I am the worlds biggest history buff, so my job choice is ideal.I am a dreamer but i can, and will make my dreams a reality. well, goodbye, if anyone is out there my soul is always up for listening and in turn being listened to.
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my friend Pete literally makes me cry with his snap stories

this is me, i am pete, love me 

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The kakapo is one of the rarest parrots in the world:

It’s flightless
It’s the world’s heaviest parrot
It’s possibly the oldest living bird and
It has a subsonic mating boom that can travel several kilometres

it doesn’t even walk


there is literally no other word for what this precious moss potato is doing

precious moss potato

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why are 12-15 year olds so obnoxious they roam in packs and they’re so loud for no reason i can’t wait for one of your moms to pick you up and carpool you all away

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when will my motivation return from war

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I like how it’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Thor: The Dark World” and then Iron Man is just like, screw this, we’re just callin’ this thing “Iron Man 3”. 

Because a secondary title would imply it’s also about something other than Iron Man. And we all know how well that would work out.

#tony stark does not share

"Iron Man 3: Tony Stark"

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Damn, this girl was prepared.

She learned from experience. That look on her face is one who found out all of Jack-Jack’s powers through trial by fire.

Villain in the making

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do you ever just get the overwhelming urge to cry because you think you’re not going to go far in life because you’re not as smart or as talented as the people around you

exactly how i feel

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do u ever go to school confident in what ur wearing and then u actually get there and ur kind of just like wow well this was an awful idea

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when will my motivation return from war

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having social anxiety is bad because you cant have any relationships with anyone without spending all of your time consumed with thoughts like “they all hate me, they all laugh at me, they all think i’m annoying, everyone hates me and they don’t care about me at all”

so don’t fucking go around acting like having anxiety in social situations is cool because its not and it fucking sucks 

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The Sound of Silence is a horror games that dynamically adapts to a person’s greatest fear. It will deliver a different experience to each player. The game is said to be released in early 2014.

You can view the full concept idea of it here: X

I wish to play this game. Like right now. No one knows my deepest fears, not even me. This shall be good




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